A trip to Honeymoon Island State Park


One of my favorite nature walks in Florida is the Osprey Trail at Honeymoon Island state Park. The reason why I do not visit as often as I like is the fact that for most of the year mosquitoes rule the woods there. Now I am a person who in the past has plenty of experience with these flying bloodsuckers, i.e. boy scouts, camping, fishing, us army etc, but the breed of buzzing red blood cell bandits that inhabit these woods seem to be totally immune to even the most potent of insect repellent. This has in turn caused me and Deb to avoid this great walk for all but the times when we are assured that the trail would be free of these pest, like the colder months starting in Dec through March.

So after running through the list of potential photo walks this particular day in my head I concluded it was a good time to attempt the trail.

One of the reasons for choosing a more nature type walk was to buck my recent trend of photographing car shows, fortunately for me upon arrival what do you think was in the parking lot? A classic Cadillac, man this baby was hot, so I grabbed some shots and continued my car photography into one more weekend!

4 (1)

Anyway it was a beautiful day and we were ready to soak up some sun and fresh air while exercising our legs. The trail was actually pretty busy with other people having the same intention but not in a crowded way. It is a beautiful walk too, as a bonus there are places to see nesting Osprey’s and if you are lucky some Eagles. We were lucky this day, and another bonus is that there is usually some bird enthusiast who offers a great view through a magnified scope to give you a better vantage of one of these magnificent birds of prey. One group even spotted a nesting owl and gave us a look through a scope that I am sure cost more than my whole dslr kit did.

So we had a great nature walk in a beautiful setting with the bonus classic car photo-op, who could ask for a better day!

Untill next time have fun with photography!