Adding Lens Flare to your Photographs using Adobe Photoshop Elements

So lets start!

First let me make one disclaimer that I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 so if you are using something different your results may vary.

Second look through your portfolio and find an image that has a bright light source. My reason for this posting is a recent photograph taken during a tour of the old YMCA building in downtown St. Pete. I plan to write a separate posting about this photowalk soon after processing more  of the photos I took. This photo has a brightly sunlit window that is blown out with little that I can do about it. Shooting inside an unlit old building with no flash I think I was lucky to get the shots I did. Any way I was looking for something like light beams to put into the shot but settled on lens flare.

So once you have selected a suitable image open it in APSE (short for Adobe Photoshop Elements).

Find the menu item Filter, then in the drop down find Render, then in the pop up menu find Lens Flare.


Mouse click on Lens Flare to open the setting dialog box. I left everything on the defaults after trying each lens type out on the photograph I had selected.


Mouse click the OK button and you will be rewarded with and image that now has “intentional” lens flare!


Depending on where you stand lens flare can add an artistic element to a photograph, unintentional flare can also ruin a potentially good image.

Anyway this concludes my first brief tutorial on just one more effect lurking in the filter menu that you may have been unaware of.

Till next time – Have fun with photography!