Improving my watermark signature


Well the New Year is almost upon us and that means changes to my blog, workflow and attitude towards photography. Making improvements, looking for ways to change things up a bit always striving to reach “Pixel Nirvana”!

That is why I am readdressing the way I watermark my photos. I am dead set on watermarking everything in spite of the naysayers on the web. I think if implemented properly a signature/watermark can provide the viewer with additional information without detracting from the image. Great painters throughout history have signed their work and I don’t think anyone believes that detracts from the value of the art.
Using a brief tutorial from the internet on how a painter should sign his work as a guide I have updated my own signature/watermark.

So I spent some time looking for a handwritten script font that was both easy to read and yet conveyed an artistic quality. Typing “free font” into the Google search bar yields more results than one person can possibly comb through. I settled on one from “” a free font source I have used in the past.
Its name is “Bart Handschrift“  and it is from a typography artist named Bart DeRuiter.

I started putting it on my photos earlier in the week and Deb noticed it right away and complimented me on it!

I see a lot of great implementations of signature/watermarks on the photo sharing site where my current portfolio is located and now I think mine is on par with those.

Until next time, have fun with your photography!