Recapping my second photography meetup with the West Coast Photo Group – Shooting the Madeira Beach Open Benefit Car Show


So lets talk about my second meetup with the West Coast Photo Group. The event attended was the Madeira Beach Open Benefit Car Show. This is basically a fundraiser for Metropolitan Ministries to help needy families during the holidays. Car Show participants were encouraged to bring canned goods so I swept the cabinet above the sink for candidates!
I met with Donald Wood, he was the event organizer, at the entrance. He was already shooting and I could tell by looking over his portfolio on the meetup site he has the same passion for shooting automobiles that I do.

We went over our gear and settings, he has one of those fancy vest to help him carry around spare lenses and stuff where as I just pick my lens choice of the day and leave my bag in the truck for the most part.
So we started down the first line of cars and I noticed some classics that I had not seen before as well as some of the car show regulars, (once you attend more than 4 car shows in this area you start to notice some of the same cars).
We discussed our shooting options and I reference to Donald about an instructional video by world famous HDR photographer Trey Ratcliff where he recommends to shoot f/8 if you are unsure of yourself and are shooting aperture priority. Since I was shooting aperture priority today due to the fact I was bracketing shots with 0.7 ev  steps (3 jpeg, 3 RAW) and did not want my focal plane to shift while the camera makes changes for the exposure. If you shoot in camera bracketed exposures the camera can either change shutter speed or aperture. In shutter priority the f-stop changes and you will have problems with the focal plane shifting. So the general consensus is to shoot Aperture priority. The video below is from Trey Ratcliff and is where I picked up this tip, some day I hope to actually buy his complete video course and really expand my knowledge!

Anyway a little bit later we were joined by two more meetup group members and chatted a bit more about our camera settings and software. This is the reason I felt the need to get a bit more social this year with my photography. Just a few minutes of conversation with fellow photography enthusiasts can lead to some great ideas for shooting or get you out the same old routine. So I soaked up as much information as I could before we went back to taking more pictures.
The shooting day ended around 12:30 pm for me as I had promised Deb a good Sunday lunch somewhere. So I spent about 2 hrs doing what I love to do – shoot cars!!