To sell… or not to sell… The store is now open!


One of my decisions for the new year was to make available for purchase the photographs in my portfolio on the website My attitude over the past year was to concentrate on my photography and not on being a business or someone who sells his photographs. I just found it distracting as a hobbyist to try and figure out ways of monetizing my photography early in this endeavour.

But 500px makes it easy to sell your images I just had to change the format and size that I was uploading to the site. Previously I had been putting smaller 2500px jpegs up now I am uploading the full size image ( around 5400px) to the site. The store will initially contain just my most recent uploads but I plan on trying to go back and reload older images into the new format so they can be sold. The store offers only two purchase options, one is a digital download file and second is a gallery wrap canvas print. The former has a purchase price of  $2.99 and is a 1920 x 1272 resolution great for a desktop wallpaper or such. The option to purchase from my store will cost you $207.99 and will deliver a 24 x 36 inch gallery wrap canvas print to your front door in 7 to 10 business days.

There are actually no configurable options from the photographers standpoint as to pricing or sizes available this is all set by the people at 500px. The photographer basically has one option to sell or not to sell on each image. The people at 500px take care of the rest, from taking your payment info, to making the print, to delivering to your doorstep. Quite convenient I think.

Anyway maybe I will get a few orders this year and maybe not. But if someone does want a hard copy of one of my works at least now they have the option!